Streetlights from Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Since I learned the history of street lighting began with lights on buildings, I have started to collect more building-based lights.  This one is unusual because it shows a Star of David on the lamp. It may be because this is a very old synagogue, being the first permanent temple in New Hampshire.   Most religious institutions I have seen show no designation on the lamp, such as shown on the second lamp below is from the Second Congregational Church.


Streetlights from Burlington, Vermont

This photo is unique in that it shows two completely different decorative streetlights that stand together, one lighted and one not.  This combination was observed on Church Street, a pedestrian area.

Streetlights from Turkey

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Welcome to my collection of streetlights!  You can learn more about my passion for streetlights in the “About” page.  And, you can view my online collection.  This blog will be the location of new photographs of streetlights.

The photo at the top of the page was taken by my friend David Bird when he visited Havana Cuba on a photography tour.

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