Sofia, Bulgaria

This first picture shows the eagles and lights on Orlov Most, which means Eagles’ Bridge.  Four bronze statues such as this one (you can see a second in the back) which “guard” the bridge five it its name.  The bridge, constructed in 1891, spans the Perlovska River in downtown Sofia.


Other street lights in Orlov Most Square are shown below.



Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

One must give the people in Las Vegas credit for a focus on details!  The streetlights on the strip even reflect the theme of the hotel.  This streetlight …. lv4

is in front of none other than the Venetian Hotel.  They look much like the streetlights from Venice!  (Sorry, I have no Venetian street lights on the blog, but I do have some in the book.)

This street light as a whole and in context is shown below.


Other nearby street lights carry the same theme.