Streetlight from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

A streetlight on the Brooklyn Bridge



Photographs courtesy of Perry Drake


Streetlights from Lubljana, Slovenia

These photos are from the Triple Bridge in the center of Lubljana, Slovenia.


siobjhanAccording to Wikipedia, “The Triple Bridge is a group of three bridges, connecting two parts of Ljubljana’s downtown, located on both banks of Ljubljanica. There was originally only one bridge, which linked Central Europe and the Balkans. In order to prevent an 1842 stone arch bridge from being a bottleneck, two additional pedestrian bridges on either side of the central one were added in 1932 according to the Plečnik’s 1929 design. He decorated them with large stone balusters and lamps. There are two staircases, leading to terraces above the river, the banks with poplars, and the Ljubljana fish market. Two Plečnik’s urban axes of Ljubljana, the water axis and the Ljubljana Castle–Rožnik Axis, cross at the bridge.”

Photograph courtesy of Siobhan O’Connor Hartsell, July 2015

Sofia, Bulgaria

This first picture shows the eagles and lights on Orlov Most, which means Eagles’ Bridge.  Four bronze statues such as this one (you can see a second in the back) which “guard” the bridge five it its name.  The bridge, constructed in 1891, spans the Perlovska River in downtown Sofia.


Other street lights in Orlov Most Square are shown below.



Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A.

The front of the Raphael Hotel on Ward Parkway



The driveway into the Raphael Hotel on Ward Parkway (looking away from the hotel)



The Broadway bridge across Brush Creek across from the Raphael Hotel (heading toward Country Club Plaza.  The light was erected in 1912 by the Board of Public Works.



The Rockhill Bridge over Brush Creek.  There was no information about when this was erected.